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The TOS link module at the I/O terminal for optical digital signals has a high potential capacity. However, the majority optical digital output signals provided by current AV devices are of reduced power to save on the current flowing in the emitting diode. The resulting drop in the S/N ratio and increase in jitter can degrade in sound quality. In other words, the potential of the link module is not being fully exploited.

The VOB-102 was developed with the aim of improving sound quality by shaping and strengthening optical signals whose power has been reduced in this manner. This product can also function as an "optical digital signal splitter" when optical output from a second system is used. By connecting an MD recorder or CD recorder, it is possible to record via an optical connection.
Variable power capability : "Output 1" is a fixed output which is always fixed at maximum optical power regardless of the position of the volume adjustor. "Output 2" can be smoothly varied between the maximum and minimum optical power of the TOS link using the optical power volume adjustor.
Digital splitter : Signal wave-forms weakened by noise or the like or otherwise distorted undergo shaping in a low-power Schottky TTL circuit to convert them to clean and sharp digital signals.
OS-CON employed : In the TOS link receiver and the wave rectifying circuit + power circuit of TOS link transmitter, an OS-CON with an extremely low equivalent series resistance and excellent high-frequency characteristics is used to give a lower impedance power supply over a wide bandwidth.
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