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The XR-1000s are balanced interconnect cables created for SAECfs Super Annealed Series. These super-annealed cables feature 5N OFC (99.9995% high purity oxygen-free copper) conductors for faithful sound reproduction and high sound quality at an affordable price. Featuring high electrical conductivity, low resistance and minimal distortion, OFC is processed to remove virtually all oxygen-related impurities from its composition. Generally speaking, an OFC purity rating of 4N, or 99.995% is considered excellent for audio cable applications. However, the higher grade of 5N OFC, or 99.9995%, was specially selected for use in these XR-1000 interconnect cables.
SAEC further processes the 5N OFC conductor with a super-annealing finish, which minimizes cable distortion and related mechanical stresses within the cable to realize more natural and transparent musical signal reproduction over the entire frequency spectrum. Not only do the XR-1000s enhance resolution within the higher frequency range, they also bring into balance the richness of the midrange with a powerful low-end delivery, all while ensuring optimal cable flexibility. SAECfs XR-1000s offer superb sound quality and handling ease at a remarkably affordable price.
Conductor High-purity 5N-OFC conductors processed with a super-annealed finish.
Shielding 2-core shielded copper wire with high-density braided structure minimizes electrostatic capacitance.
Sheath PVC tubing encased in a braided resin covering achieves both excellent flexibility and long-term durability.
Connectors High-quality Neutrik XLR cable connectors with gold-plated contacts.
Cable Configuration 2-core, shielded
Conductor OFC super-annealed single-core wire
Sheath PVC with braided polyester sheath
Cable Diameter 8mm
Cable Lengths 0.7m / 1.0m / 1.2m / 1.5m
Cable Length
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