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SAECfs XR-3000 interconnects are balanced cables featuring the exceptional performance of PC-Triple C (Pure Copper-Continuous Crystal Construction) conductors. Inheriting the same philosophy used in the development of our highly regarded SL-5000 line cable, the XR-3000 offers excellent quality at an affordable price.
Each cablefs PC-Triple C conductors achieve their excellent electrical transmission properties by way of SAECfs unique continuous-forge elongation process, which gradually stretches the copper crystals longitudinally and reduces their structural boundaries to the lowest levels possible in order to minimize disturbances in electrical signal transmission. This processing greatly reduces conductor resistance for expanded frequency characteristics and an enhanced signal-to-noise ratio that realizes a wide frequency band of clear, stress-free sound extending from the lowest lows to the highest highs.
To minimize skin effect, the XR-3000 was developed based on our own cable configuration theory, which dictates separate structures for the central inner conductors and the peripheral outer section. PC-Triple C is used for both inner and outer conductors, making possible a balanced esuper-referencef cable that faithfully transmits musical signals in unified timbre across the entire audio spectrum.
Conductor PC-Triple C conductors offer the stable electrical characteristics of high conductivity and ultra-low distortion.
Insulator Polyethylene foam dielectric features low specific inductive capacitance, and is infused with damping materials that help minimize low-frequency losses.
Shielding Dual shield consists of a copper foil shield encompassed by copper braid to provide complete protection against noise.
Connectors Neutrik XLR cable connectors with gold-plated contacts.
Cable Configuration twisted-pair
Conductor PC-Triple C
Conductor crosssectional area 0.75mm2
Insulator Polyethylene foam dielectric
Buffer Silk fiber thread
Shielding Copper foil and copper braid
Sheath Halogen-free polyethylene
Cable Diameter 8mm
Cable Lengths 0.7m / 1.2m / 1.5m
Cable Length
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