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Developed through an amalgamation of advanced technologies one would expect of a flagship model, SAECfs high-quality XR-6000 interconnects employ the finest PC-Triple C (Pure Copper-Continuous Crystal Construction) conductors. These PC-Triple C conductors achieve their excellent conductivity by way of SAECfs unique continuous-forge elongation process, which gradually stretches the copper crystals longitudinally and reduces their structural boundaries to the lowest levels possible in order to minimize disturbances in electrical signal transmission. Through this minimization of conductor resistance, these cables are able to offer expanded frequency characteristics and an enhanced signal-to-noise ratio for a wider frequency band of clear, stress-free sound that extends from the lowest lows to the highest highs.
With a cross-sectional area of 1mm2, the cablesf single-core conductors make possible remarkably clear sound reproduction with noticeably greater depth and presence. The insulators in these these flagship interconnects are formed of fluorocarbon resin featuring a lower specific inductive capacitance for significant increases in transmission speed.
Incorporating SAECfs long years of manufacturing and technological expertise, these cables also feature polyethylene sheaths infused with vibration-blocking damping materials and enclosed in carbon-impregnated polyurethane mesh, and high-precision XLR cable connectors processed with SAECfs original plating technology, all influencing the superb sound quality achieved by these outstanding XR-6000 interconnect cables.
Conductor Single-core PC-Triple C conductors offer stable electrical characteristics of high conductivity and ultra-low distortion.
Insulator Fluorocarbon resin dielectric features low specific inductive capacitance for high signal transmission rates while minimizing low-frequency losses.
Shielding Dual copper foil and copper braid shields provide complete protection against noise.
Sheath Polyethylene tubing infused with damping material and surrounded by carbon-impregnated polyurethane mesh provides excellent protection against vibration coupled with rugged long-term durability.
Connectors SAEC-original high-rigidity XLR cable connectors feature specially gold-plated.
Conductor Single-core PC-Triple C
Conductor crosssectional area 1mm2
Structure Two-core twisted-pair
Insulator Fluorocarbon resin
Buffer Cotton fiber thread
Shielding Copper foil and copper braid
Sheath Polyethylene infused with damping material and covered by carbon-impregnated polyurethane mesh
Cable Diameter 9mm
Connector SAEC-original gold-plated XLR plugs
Cable Lengths 0.7m / 1.2m / 1.5m
Cable Length
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