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PL-5800 Series
PL-5800 Series
PL-5800 Series

SAEC’s PL-5800 Series of power cables employ outstanding PC-Triple C conductors to provide excellent performance for their price. These conductors achieve their excellent electrical transmission properties by way of our own unique continuous-forge elongation process, which gradually stretches the copper crystals longitudinally, reducing their structural boundaries to the lowest levels possible in order to minimize disturbances in electrical signal transmission.
SAEC maintained close contact with the factory throughout each stage of the PC-Triple C conductor’s development and manufacturing process, exchanging the latest materials and information to ensure that its excellent electrical conduction characteristics would be best suited for use in high-end audio and power cable applications.

In order to make this excellent conductor available to as many users as possible, efforts were focused on creating a high-performance product at lower cost, resulting in the release of the PC-5800 Series. Featuring a version (the PC-5800M) equipped with a 2-pin ‘Figure 8’ female plug at its output end, this power cable is made available in four basic lengths to best conform to individual system needs and preferences. All cables feature excellent low noise and high power transmission characteristics, as well as superb resolution for an impressive sensation of silence. So why not experience a new world of audio enjoyment?
Conductor PC-Triple C conductor provides outstanding conductivity for superbly stable electrical characteristics, including ultra-low distortion, a wide dynamic range and excellent signal-to-noise ratio.
Insulator Made of semi-rigid PVC.
Shielding Copper foil shielding utilized for highly stable shielding characteristics.
Sheath Lead-free soft PVC combines with a carbon-impregnated polyurethane braided tube jacket to create a highly flexible sheath that assures stable use over prolonged periods of time.
Cable Configuration 3-core, shielded
Conductor PC-Triple C
Conductor crosssectional area 3.65mm2
Insulator Semi-rigid PVC
Buffer Cotton fiber thread
Shielding Copper foil
Sheath HLead-free soft PVC
Covering Carbon-impregnated polyurethane braided tube
Cable Diameter 13mm
Connector High-quality Furutech plug and socket
Cable Lengths 1.0m / 1.5m / 2.0m / 3.0m
Rated Current 15A
Cable Length
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